A team of designers, shoemakers and engineers came together to create a new shoe architecture that provides comfort after hours of wear.

Comfort Technology

Our specialized plush insole is the result of over two years of development with leading biomechanics experts. Made of luxe suede lining and layers of the latest foam technology, the insole regulates pressure as you walk.

At the heel, an embedded circular cushion absorbs impact. Arch support cradles and stabilizes the foot. In the toe box, dense foam provides spring reaction and lasting comfort.

Comfort, meet style

We bring modern detailing and proportion to rigorously executed footwear. All Inez styles are made with our custom-designed insole and come in multiple widths. Our elevated designs, combined with technical expertise and a sensitivity to fit, give Inez a distinct yet relevant approach to heels.

Family Owned & Operated

As a family-run company, we are able to focus on the long-term goal of innovating and building better footwear. All Inez shoes are made in-house at our third-generation factory in Elda, Spain. The region has a legacy of shoemaking expertise that has been passed down through the generations for centuries.

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