Spain and Our Heritage

Nestled in the Spanish countryside among olive orchards lies our third-generation family factory. We take inspiration from the beauty of the landscape and the passion of our craftsmen.

Elda, Spain

Artisans in Elda have been making shoes for centuries. Their knowledge of the shoemaking craft —called conocimiento—has deepened through each generation.

Today, Elda is a powerhouse in European footwear. This robust corridor is filled with best-in-class suppliers and factories, all dedicated to producing at the highest standards of quality. Their close proximity offers Inez the speed and flexibility to produce in small batches using custom-made components to deliver our superior fit and feel.

Our Factory

All of our heels are produced in-house: each shoe passes through the hands of over 35 artisans with expertise in every stage of the shoemaking process. Every pair that leaves the factory carries with it our integrity and passion for quality.

Our Process

To build a beautiful shoe around our signature footbed, technicians designed a new heel architecture from scratch. Before releasing our first style, the Alta, we iterated over 200 unique prototypes. Our dedication to craft and aesthetics—down to shaping the lasts, selecting the leathers, and forming the heels—make Inez shoes truly one of a kind.

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