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A team of designers, shoemakers and engineers came together to create a new trajectory for footwear.

Inez began with the relentless pursuit of two individuals: Hannah Spinelli and Tony Musso.  Hannah is a born creative who spent over fifteen years working as a designer at America’s top fashion houses; Tony is the son of a shoeman and has generations of Spanish shoemaking in his blood. They met studying patternmaking and shoe construction at leading shoe academy Arsutoria and were inspired to create a better footwear option: one that could take women seamlessly through life, comfortable without sacrificing the style and attitude of a high heel.

While Hannah set out to envision and design a collection of modern heels for the style-conscious, Tony worked with a team of leading biomechanics experts to develop an insole that offers stability, endurance and range of motion.

In Spain where all Inez shoes are made, technical engineers and expert shoemakers designed a new shoe architecture from the ground up, specifically made to house the custom-designed insole while preserving a beautiful silhouette. The result is a high heel that makes no sacrifices in aesthetics, construction, or quality, transforming our expectations surrounding women’s shoes. All Inez heels are made with our custom-designed insole and come in multiple widths.

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